• 6 DVD Set

    6 DVD Set. Memories of Webster, Nicholas, Veterans and Coal. This set of Mark Romano’s publications can be downloaded and viewed on a computer. Not available to watch on a DVD player. It includes over 34 hours of audio interviews. Includes an unpublished book titled, “Cars, Trucks and Trains from the 1940s- 1966”, from the photographs of Jim Comstock and The Hillbilly.
  • A Century of Traveling with Lanky – Photographs and Memories. This book is a follow up to the successful pictorial histories of Webster and Nicholas Counties. It has many stories and also photos not included in the other pictorials. Several interviews from residents.
  • Brooks Run

    Brooks Run - We Mine Coal - successfully capturing the hard work, the humor and the heritage West Virginia Coal Miners and their families and friends are so proud of today. Taken in 2008 and 2009 while coal was still a booming business. Includes miners from Webster, Nicholas, Braxton, McDowell, Wyoming and Raleigh Counties in West Virginia.
  • Dr. Dan

  • Summersville

  • Spiral Bound

  • Webster County Pictorialrevised 4th edition - As a photographer, I realized that there were not many old photographs, or interesting stories that recorded for posterity those fascinating scenes from a past era. Every 1,600 picture tells a story like when trains were a major means of transportation. All major towns by chapters and include schools, churches, businesses and people. An updated edition that includes 16 page map of Jerryville.
  • History of Webster County High School – 1974 – 2015. A high school built more than forty years ago on a mountain top to stand always a symbol of pride. The book shows group pictures and candids of school years. Stories and quotes from teachers, students, coaches and others.
  • Heroes among Us - The West Virginia Veterans’ Legacy Project. Documents veterans from all wars back to World War 1 to present.
  • Nicholas County Pictorial. Second largest pictorial ever assembled on one county, with over 3,400 photographs. Very limited number available. Towns, schools, churches, businesses to name a few.